SIZE: +- 15m²

Your bed is not an office. And no, neither is your TV room. Over a short period of time, how we live and work has drastically changed. And now more than ever we need to think for the future of work.
Working remotely is the way forward, and we understand that your home space may not be equipped (and may be full of distraction ... yes the struggle is real). But we have your back.
The 'Bloc Box' is a plug and play workspace - a compact on-the-go simple solution to working remotely.

The Bloc Box is a prefabricated workspace with a steel frame system. The frame can be elevated by truck or disassembled into smaller pieces and taken to the ground for final assembly.
The compact yet stylish design enhances the surroundings of any space in which it is installed, resulting in a professional and ergonomic workspace.

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