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Athlone Circle

The 30,000m² mixed use development, Athlone Circle, incorporates various nationals and a major anchor, a range of high end restaurant offerings, a national gym, and a level of A-Grade Offices. The site sits strategically between the busy N3 and the arterial of Peter Brown Road, and will service its immediate surrounds, as well as Northwards up to Hilton.
Visibility, a tight site entry point, parking organisation, and vehicular routing, coupled to the existing topography were major drivers of site planning.
Conceptually, the development has a traditional village configuration, internalised around a public square. Aesthetically, the development acknowledges the Pietermaritzburg face brick vernacular, yet is still robust and modern.
To add character, and interest, the various retail boxes have been dressed with interpretations of traditional shopfronts on Ground floor. A singular modern colonnaded level caps this, housing a full level of A-Grade offices. Vertical circulation cores have been treated as towers, which help organise and anchor the various elements.
Project Info

SIZE: 30 000m²

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