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Fresnaye Villas – Cape Town

Quiet sophistication, a place of calm where nature and luxury come to play.

Coeur De Lion is a vision of the ideal city home: A collection of eight luxury homes, connected together within a single, secure and private residence. Perfectly balanced, each home is defined over multiple levels for the best use of space, allowing living areas to convene around uninhibited vistas of the Atlantic Ocean – and beyond. Mindful in approach, resource and energy-efficient technology powers the heart of each home, actively monitoring consumption and adequately providing comfort.

Every unit within Coeur De Lion has been gifted with unique elements of discernment. Through discernment, we recognize the good and find peace in the decisions we make, progressing ourselves to the beautiful future that awaits us. The Heart of the Lion is a place where discernment rests, knowing that one good decision can lead to a lifetime of prosperity and good living.

Residents at Coeur De Lion will find peace of mind in 24hr manned presence, state-of-the-art security monitoring and direct underground access to an automated private double garage, hidden from street view. Each home is fitted with access control, while tucked away aluminium reveals open spaces framed with timber, rock and natural finishes and a landscaped pool and garden area.

Project Info

SIZE:  ± 3500m²